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English Language Courses

Why study English Language?

n our contemporary world, English is a leading language. It is used in everything from business, science and the internet to arts, culture and media. More than 1.4 billion people.

(one-quarter of the world's population) live in countries where English is an official language and many large international organizations expect employees to have a good level of English. An English language course will help you take your first step towards studying for a career-based qualification or degree at a University or College. It will also be a powerful tool for hundreds of careers, from creating new business opportunities in international markets to writing computer programs and teaching in different communities.

Although most people learn some English in their home country, more and more are choosing to study in an English-speaking country. They want to be surrounded by the language, not just in the classroom but all the time, and there is no better place to learn English than in the an English-Speaking Country!

There are courses to suit students of every age, level and interest. Students who go to English-speaking countries to learn English for it's own sake are attracted by the modern teaching methods and the huge choice of courses available. Others come to English-speaking countries to gain special language skills needed for studies and work.

As a student in an English-speaking country, you will add to your knowledge and experience every time you visit the shops, go to the cinema or restaurants. English will become your natural language of communication with friends from other counties and you may have the opportunity to live with a local family.

A wide range of courses:

The most popular types of English Language courses are:

Самые популярные виды английских Языковых курсов:

  • General English Language.
  • English for Academic Purposes.
  • Pre-University English Course.
  • (ESP) English for Special Purposes.
  • Learn English and have FUN at the same time.
  • (TESOL) Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.
  • TEFL) Teaching English as a Foreign Language.
  • Exam Preparation.

Key Facts:

  • It is estimated that over one billion people are currently learning English.
  • English is spoken as a first language by around 375 million people and as a second language * by around a further 375 million.
  • One out of four of the world's population speak English to some level of competence and Demand from the other three-q uarters is increasing.